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Children in Saint Peter's School, Simalia, India

The 2012 report of the United Nations on progress towards the Millennium Development Goals highlights that many developing countries have made significant progress with regard to universal primary education. Enrolment rates of children of primary school age increased significantly in sub-Saharan Africa, from 58 to 76 per cent between 1999 and 2010. In four other developing regions (Northern Africa, Eastern Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and South-Eastern Asia), the rate increased to at least 95 per cent. 


More and more children seem to have access to education, a very positive evolution, but there is still a huge challenge with regard to the quality of education. In many developing countries there is a serious lack of teachers resulting in overcrowded classrooms, lack of school furniture and didactic material, lack of basic teaching skills, ... The drop-out rate is still high in many developing countries, especially among children from disadvantaged groups, which makes it more difficult for them to escape poverty. In 2010, there were 71 million young adolescents (typically aged 12-15 years) out of school around the world, this is about twice the population of a country such as Canada. Millions of young people lack the skills that could help them to improve their own living conditions. More info


By giving quality education to more than 13,000 vulnerable children and adolescents in more than 50 schools in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, Fracarita International contributes to make education a dream- come-true for all.

Below: a list with all education centres/schools of Fracarita International. Click on a centre for more information.


Aldeia Infantil Estrela da Manhã


Ecole de Vie, Goma

Ecole pour assistants kinésithérapeute, Goma

Ecole primaire Ditaba, Lusambo

Ecole primaire Ditekemena, Lusambo

Ecole primaire Kintu Kimune, Kabinda

Ecole Soins Infirmiers Psychiatriques, Goma

Institut Bumune, Kabinda

Institut Dinanga, Lusambo

Institut Professionel (IPRO) Kifulo, Kabinda

Institut Technique Fundi Maendeleo (I.T.F.M.), Bukavu

Institut Technique Professionel (ITP), Lusambo


Saint Peter's School

Training Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Sciences


Boarding House Purworejo

Don Bosco Institute of the Deaf, Wonosobo

Karya Bakti centre SLB/C

SD Bruderan Elementary School Purwokerto

SD Karitas Elementary School Nandan

SD Karitas Elementary School Purwokerto

SMA Bruderan Senior High School Purwokerto

SMA Bruderan Senior High School Purworejo

SMP Bruderan Junior High School Purwokerto

TK Karitas Kindergarten Purwokerto


Primary Schools Ukunda


Programa de Reintegración Socio-Familiar ‘Casa Amanecer’


Canon Triest Middle School

Friends Public High School

Holy Rosary Hostel

Umeed-E-Nau Middle School

Centro de Educación Básica Especial Pedro José Triest (CEPETRI)

Ecole primaire (HVP) Gatagara

HVP Gatagara - Rwamagana

Ecole primaire (HVP) Gikondo

Ecole secondaire (HVP) Butare

Nisansala Primary Section Ja-Ela

Nisansala Primary Section Negombo

St Joseph's Boys Home Trincomalee

St. Joseph's Technical Institute Trincomalee

St. Mary's Boys Home Kalmunai




Educational Resource Centre

Maendeleo Youth Centre

Newman High School

Newman Institute of Social Work (NISW)

Rumonge Deaf Cooperative

School for the Deaf and Centre for Audiology and Speech


Pax Hostel

Pax Institute

Pax Skills Development Centre



Saint Conrad's School

St. Conrad's High School

St. Conrad's Little Saints





Democratic Republic of Congo




































Sri Lanka















South Africa

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