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Gatagara 2019 - meisje met handen in de

Fracarita International is the nonprofit organization of the Congregation of the Brothers of Charity whose aim is to support the services of the congregation in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. It will exercise this task in line with the mission of the Brothers of Charity which is oriented to radiate God’s love in the world, especially in the lives of the most vulnerable people through concrete works of charity in the fields of mental health care, care for people with a disability and education. 


Fracarita International will fulfil its mission through concrete support to the services developed by the Brothers of Charity with special attention being given to capacity-building, coaching, exchange of knowledge and expertise, international fundraising and influencing policymakers. Through the creation of regional fundraising offices in several countries, Fracarita International will try to find new funds for projects. 

A network of continental and regional coordinators has been established in order to improve professionalism in the services and enhance the local capacity for self-reliance through better management and a higher level of creativity and skills in setting up initiatives for local fundraising and income generating activities. 

As a nonprofit organization with a special consultative status to the United Nations, Fracarita International respects a human rights based approach and will play its role as an advocate for those whose rights are not respected because of their specific life situation. 

In order to achieve these objectives, Fracarita International will always be open to collaboration with other groups who share the same vision. 



Through its activities, Fracarita International, in line with the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church, will serve humanity and especially those whose human dignity is at risk. In line with the mission of the Brothers of Charity, Fracarita International will help to improve the quality of life and contribute to a more humane society where there is a place for the poor and the weak.

Girl with a physical disability at HVP Gatagara, Nyanza, Rwanda © Joost Van Heesvelde

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