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Aldeia Infantil Estrela da Manhã



São Sebastião da Amoreira (Parana), Brazil





Youth care

Children who were abandoned by their own families or who need to be placed in an institution upon request of the juvenile judge, are provided with new opportunities to grow into responsible adults within a family setting in the children’s village. Young people and adolescents are encouraged to follow a special training programme (career counseling) that endeavours to help them to find them a suitable job.
This project, started in 1991 by Father Victor Margot, is now led by Brother of Charity Eric Verdegem of Evergem (Doornzele), Belgium.
The goal is to accommodate young people from a risk environment and to create the necessary conditions to help them develop in all areas so that they can make headway in society.

The project has 4 pillars:
1. Strengthening family ties
Together with families, we organize activities aimed at restoring family bonds. Parents and children learn through psychological counselling, play, and theatre that certain rules are necessary in a family and that everyone has to contribute. In addition, each child also receives school support and extra study counselling.
2. Vocational training for adolescents:
We give young people, each according to their possibilities, a chance to get acquainted with and prepare for an occupation by looking for internships or apprenticeships. The only way to break the cycle of marginalization is to learn and practice a profession.
3. After-school activities for 6 to 14-year-olds:
Children and adolescents discover their possibilities. Developing these gives them a sense of self-worth.
4. Training educators and counsellors:
Trained people are urgently needed everywhere to address the many social problems among these youngsters. As such training does not exist here, we want to start training educators and counsellors. An entire team worked out a programme for training our own people and later for families and social workers.
Support us!
Given the small scale, the project is not recognized as a fully-fledged NGO, which means it does not receive any subsidies. Local authorities provide minimal material support.
It therefore mainly relies on the financial contributions of friends and associations from abroad for its operation. Despite the limited resources, but thanks to the support of many, it is able to achieve its goals. Will you join in?
Show your support and donate to NGO Fracarita Belgium
Account No. BE51 4459 6281 2162
mentioning ‘Amoreira’
Belgian donators receive a tax certificate for donations exceeding € 40.
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