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Saint Peters School
This primary school is situated in the rural village of Simalia. Most inhabitants, including children, are illiterate and work in the nearby stone quarry. Thanks to awareness raising campaigns, the principal manages to convince parents to give their children a better future by sending them to school. 






Ranchi, India





General primary education

On 19 January 2016,  Fracarita Belgium presented its new campaign (called “South Action”) for 2016. The campaign raised money for the construction of additional classrooms in the Saint Peter’s School of the Brothers of Charity in Simalia, Ranchi, India. These additional classrooms allow the school to start secondary education. In the past, the school had only enough infrastructural capacity to offer primary education.


The school of the Brother of Charity, funded by the South Action of 2009, brought an end to the practice of child labour in the rural village of Simalia. In 2016, the Saint Peter’s School wrote history once more, by allowing teenagers to escape the vicious circle of extreme poverty by obtaining a diploma of secondary education. This diploma opens perspectives to decent jobs with fair salaries. More information on the campaign can be found on the website (in Dutch). Schools and services of the Brothers of Charity in Belgium organized all kinds of activities to raise money for this campaign.

News article (14 February 2017): Positive state of affairs for the St. Peter's School in Simalia, India

Campaign video:

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