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Programa de Reintegración Socio-Familiar ‘Casa Amanecer’

The original name of Casa Amanecer was “Hogar de Niños Cristo Sana”. It was founded for a USA Catholic misson, together with the Daughters of Charity, as an orphanage for very poor children. The Brothers of Charity and Fracarita International took over this centre in 2009 and some boys could have a stay on the long term till 2013. In 2014, a new population of around 15 boys entered this centre and the name was changed to “Casa Hogar Amanecer”, which had the same profile as a residential home.


At the end of 2014, Bro. Jimi A. Huayta Rivera, continental coordinator of Fracarita Latin America, was in charge of this centre and tried to get an official recognition from the Government of Nicaragua. According to the national law, the centre was not allowed to take care of boys in residential services. That’s why the centre changed their programme and the profile of its users in 2015.


Nowadays, this centre provides care for boys who are in risky situations because of several reasons. Some of them were skipping school or schools were not able to cope with their behaviour. Most of the boys lived on the street, begging or offering services to people with bad intentions. Their family were also not able to take care of them and the children became victim of child exploitation and lived in very poor and inhuman conditions. Thanks to Casa Amanecer, the children are given new opportunities and education in a highly structured environment.


The programme now has three phases of intervention:

  1. Integral human development

  2. Follow-up

  3. Independence


Casa Amanecer works basically via the principles of school reintegration and learning support. The centre stimulates family empowerment and helps creating a positive relationship between the children and their families.  In 2016, Casa Amanecer had 20 children in phase one; 4 children in phase two; and 2 children in phase 3 (total of 26 children).






Granada, Nicaragua



2005 (taken over by BoC and F.I. in 2009)


School reintegration and learning support


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