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Centro de Educación Básica Especial Pedro José Triest (CEPETRI)
In the slums of the capital of Lima, being smart and fast is considered to be very important. This presents problems for children with disabilities. They do not understand everything so quickly and need more time to learn things. Thanks to the intervention in 2003 of Fracarita Belgium (the Belgian NGO for development cooperation of the Brothers of Charity), the day-care centre named Pedro José Triest has received the much-needed support to offer high-quality guidance and support to the children concerned. Approximately one hundred and thirty learning disabled children are supported in a peaceful environment. The children learn simple but significant skills in order to live as independently as possible. 
The centre has two programs: an educational program for children and their families who come in the school in 11 classrooms and a second program witch inclusive education for children who go to the regular school. The centre has a network of regular schools in the town where they run the programme and follow up children, train teachers and organize workshops with the families and students.
This centre is supported by the City of Bruges and the Province of West Flanders.




Number of beneficiaries:



Lima, Peru



303 (in 2016)



Care for persons with a disability

Special primary education

Care for people with a mental disability

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