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Ecole primaire (HVP) Gikondo
This branch of the Home de la Vierge des Pauvres (HVP) is situated in Gikondo and was founded in 2015. This is an separate special primary school for intellectually challenged children, connected to the centre in Gikondo.
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New school for intellectually challenged children in Rwanda


» Monday 19 January 2015


On Monday, 19 January 2015 a new special school for children with an intellectual disability was opened in Gikondo, Kigali, Rwanda.

The Brothers of Charity established a new centre with an early childhood intervention unit, a physiotherapy unit, and a workshop for orthopaedics in 2010. Today, a school for intellectually challenged children was added to the centre. The new building came about thanks to the cooperation between the Brothers of Charity, the Belgian government and their development aid programme, and the Liliane Foundation from the Netherlands. Bro. René Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity, accompanied by the General Council and the Provincial Superiors who met in Ndera for one week, opened the new school and emphasised that this school offers children with an intellectual disability new opportunities to lead full lives.







Kigali (Gikondo), Rwanda





Special primary education


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