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Newsletter Fracarita Netherlands

Fracarita Netherlands, our regional fundraising office with its office in Eindhoven, recently published a newsletter.

Topics addressed in this publication include:

- Cooperation between primary school De Berckacker (the Netherlands) and Casa Amanecer (Nicaragua)

>> Dutch toddlers raised € 4,157.85 for the benefit of Casa Amanecer in Nicaragua. The purchase of sports materials (€ 500) is already completed and the children are very happy! The rest of the amount will be transferred soon.

- State of affairs of wall construction at Psychiatric Centre Renceng Mose (Indonesia)

>> Fracarita Netherlands raised money for the construction of a wall around the Psychiatric Centre Renceng Mose in Ruteng, Flores Island, Indonesia. Fracarita Netherlands received a considerable donation from Bantu Anak Anak, a Dutch foundation. The construction of the wall has now started and is progressing well. The delivery of building materials on the Indonesian Island is not obvious, but the workers are doing everything they can!

- Staff members of Bantu Anak Anak visit Psychiatric Centre Renceng Mose

You can read the newsletter here (in Dutch).

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