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Inauguration of the Motel "Emmaus" in Rwanda

Gatagara - Rwanda, 13 December 2022.

On the occasion of the visit of the Superior General of the Brothers of Charity and also the chairman of Fracarita International, the new motel "Emmaus" was inaugurated at the "Home de la Vierge des Pauvres" in Gatagara, the centre for children and adults with physical disabilities.

With 10 nicely decorated rooms, the centre aims to provide good hospitality to their many visitors, trainees and family members who are temporarily staying there.

At the same time, this project is part of the efforts to generate additional income to support the centre's operations. It was in this context that the centre, through the "Brothers of Charity Start-Up Fund" set up by Fracarita International in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation, was granted the start-up capital needed to realise this project.

Fully in line with the congregation's charism concerning providing hospitality, whereby strengthening its financial viability is considered an investment in a sustainable future.


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