New training programme to improve the conditions of inclusion in Peru

The ‘SAANEE programme’ is a new training programme in Lima, Peru and was launched in March 2016. It aims at improving the conditions of inclusion for children from the Centro de Educación Básica Especial – Pedro José Triest (CEPETRI) in regular basic education, through the programme of Support and Counseling Services for the care of Special Education Needs (SAANEE). CEPETRI works with teachers of 14 inclusive educational institutions to improve the knowledge of teaching to children with disabilities. They develop strategies to manage inappropriate behaviour by means of workshops and meetings. The SAANEE programme uses adequate equipment, better intervention tools and more gatherings with par

Fracarita International will be present at a cultural world festival in Bruges, Belgium

Fracarita International will be present at a Cultural World Festival in Bruges, called ‘Feest in ‘t Park’, with musical performances, exhibitions, workshops, theatre and dances of different countries. On this occasion, NGO’s from Bruges and around, can have an NGO information stand to explain their projects in the South. Fracarita International will participate at this event. You can visit us on Saturday 25 June from 02.00 PM till 06.00 PM at ‘Het Minnewaterpark’, 8000 Bruges. Through this event, Fracarita International wants to be more known and wants to create more visibility in the city of Bruges. This is a condition of the ‘Noord-Zuidraad’, a funding organisation of the city of Bruges, t

Update about new roof for Indonesian school for the deaf

In November 2015, some workers started with the roof renovation of the Don Bosco Institute For Boys with Deafness in Wonosobo, Indonesia. As per June 2016, the renovation works are still going on. This specific renovation is carefully carried on in accordance to the Indonesian Laws due to the fact that the Don Bosco Institute building is classified as heritage building in Central Java Province. The renovation works were financed through the annual campaign of Fracarita Netherlands, involving brothers, staff members, individual donors and other donor foundations. Read the news article of December 2016: click here. New pictures of the renovation works (May 2016):

Minister of Family visits services in Nicaragua and hands over final approval

Two of the Brothers of Charity services in Nicaragua received a visit from the Minister of Family, Mrs. Marcia Ramirez Mercado, on 20 April 2016. She expressed her support and handed over the final approval in acknowledgment to the work in policies of the ‘Love programme’ for the protection and care of street children and social family reintegration. Two services in Nicaragua received the final approval from Mrs. Marcia Ramirez Mercado, the Nicaraguan Minister of Family. Mrs. Marcia and her team visited ‘Jesus Amgio’ and ‘Casa Amanecer’, a great honour for these services. The Brothers of Charity services in Nicaragua are now in line with the “Love Programme”, for the protection and care of

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