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Minister of Family visits services in Nicaragua and hands over final approval

Two of the Brothers of Charity services in Nicaragua received a visit from the Minister of Family, Mrs. Marcia Ramirez Mercado, on 20 April 2016. She expressed her support and handed over the final approval in acknowledgment to the work in policies of the ‘Love programme’ for the protection and care of street children and social family reintegration.

Two services in Nicaragua received the final approval from Mrs. Marcia Ramirez Mercado, the Nicaraguan Minister of Family. Mrs. Marcia and her team visited ‘Jesus Amgio’ and ‘Casa Amanecer’, a great honour for these services. The Brothers of Charity services in Nicaragua are now in line with the “Love Programme”, for the protection and care of children who live on the street. It is the first service for boys and youth in Nicaragua with this approach. Together with the ministry, Fracarita Latin-America has great expectations in the development of the services and the collaboration with them.

New logos

‘Jesus Amigo’ and ‘Casa Amanecer’ have brand new logos. Find out the beautiful logos below.

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