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The school of Botatoma celebrated the International Day of People with Disabilities

As 03/12 falls on a Sunday, we celebrated the International Day of People with Disabilities on Friday 01/12, together with the other special schools in Botatoma: for children with hearing, visual and mental disabilities. The event was organised by Brother Adelard Nganga, director of Botatoma FC. The programme included a parade, dance, poetry, drama and popular music. The day ended with a fraternal meal with the children, parents and teachers. There was a great sense of satisfaction among the parents and children.

Brother Regional Superior thanks you for your wishes and support. If possible, we ask you to contact Fracarita International to help us find the funds we need to make this educational mission a success. And finally, to create an IGA, a cattle farm, a garden, etc. for our school. We are counting on you and Fracarita International. Of course, we are at your disposal for any further clarifications or questions you may have about our special school and our future projects.


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