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Ethiopia - Gute Abakuna, Daniel Comboni Health Centre

Targeted training for young, poor, and vulnerable girls with the aim of improving their social inclusion and their human dignity (with support of the Anna Milanese foundation).

The effects of child poverty and vulnerability are felt most directly by the children themselves, but they have profound implications for our country as children become the next generation of adults who will build our society and drive our economy. Over 85% of Ethiopian women live in rural areas. A woman's value in Ethiopia is measured by her role as a wife and mother, but in some tribe’s women and girls have almost no value. Women's rights are usually non-existent. In Ethiopia, it is often assumed that women simply have no rights. They also have far fewer opportunities than men for education, employment, and personal development.

At the same time, this project is part of the efforts to generate additional income to support the centre's operations. It was in this context that the centre, through the "Brothers of Charity Start-Up Fund" set up by Fracarita International in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation, was granted the start-up capital needed to realise this project.

Fully in line with the congregation's charism concerning providing hospitality, whereby strengthening its financial viability is considered an investment in a sustainable future.


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