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New training programme to improve the conditions of inclusion in Peru

The ‘SAANEE programme’ is a new training programme in Lima, Peru and was launched in March 2016. It aims at improving the conditions of inclusion for children from the Centro de Educación Básica Especial – Pedro José Triest (CEPETRI) in regular basic education, through the programme of Support and Counseling Services for the care of Special Education Needs (SAANEE).

CEPETRI works with teachers of 14 inclusive educational institutions to improve the knowledge of teaching to children with disabilities. They develop strategies to manage inappropriate behaviour by means of workshops and meetings. The SAANEE programme uses adequate equipment, better intervention tools and more gatherings with parents of children with disabilities in inclusion. The programme provides school trainings for the families and home visits.

The SAANEE programme creates an awareness campaign, directed towards the students from the 14 inclusive schools. The purpose of this campaign is to improve the acceptance of children and adolescents with disabilities, by means of integration days and awareness workshops. The SAANEE programme is a great success!


CEPETRI is supported by the City of Bruges and the Province of West-Flanders.


Picture below: workshop for inclusive teachers, held on 19 March 2016.

Picture below: training for parents of children with disabilities.

Picture below: training mothers and/or caregivers at home.

Picture below: awareness workshop.

Picture below: sensitization workshop.

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