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Report of Effata's summer camp, a guidance centre for underprivileged children in Romania

Effata, a guidance centre for underprivileged children in Timișoara, Romania, organised a joyful summer camp for the children.

From the total group of 21 children in the Effata program during the summer holiday, 18 children participated at the summer camp. The group hiked to the Fortress of Deva, they visited the city and made a trip to the Corvin Castle. There was also time for recreation. Read the full report of Effata's summercamp here.

About Effata

Effata was founded by the Brothers of Charity in 2001, initially as a day centre for young people with HIV. Later, this initiative evolved into a centre for after-school support for disadvantaged children from the neighbourhood. Currently, 25 children from 6 to 14 years of age are accommodated at Effata. In addition, there are two side projects in schools in Timișoara, where another 100 disadvantaged children, including many Roma youth, receive support from Effata.

Brothers of Charity in Romania

The Brothers of Charity support small-scale initiatives for abandoned, underprivileged children and residential care for ill elderly people in Butea and Timișoara.

Services in Romania:

  1. Effata (Guidance Centre for Underprivileged Children), Timișoara

  2. Home for Abandoned Children, Butea

  3. Residential Care Centre for Ill Elderly People, Butea

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