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Fracarita International participated at the Third Annual Education Solutions International Conferen

Fracarita International (Brother Jos Mathijssen and Mr. Prakash Goossens) participated at the Third Annual Education Solutions International Conference and Training in New York (USA) from 19 till 21 April 2018. This conference was organized by the UNESCO Centre for Global Education and the New York Institute of Technology, Teacher Education Department.

In addressing the 2030 Development Agenda successes, UNESCO emphasized that education is the major key to achieving the development agenda. This implies that efforts must be geared toward ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals are provided with operational tools to aid implementation success. The purpose of participating at this conference was to see how the international trends are in social inclusion and diversity in a class and school context.

In Western countries, inclusion mainly focuses on disabilities and the integration of children with special needs into the mainstream schools. In other parts of the world and by consensus in UNESCO the diversity in (dis)abilities and integration of minority groups seems also been understood in ‘inclusion’. Therefore, in the international context, educators speak more and more about social inclusion and diversity.

This conference focused on an implementable outcome in encouraging educators to move toward sustainable global outcomes:

  • Global community and cultural education — Develop Educators Co-Op Models to include the SDG-4/SDGs-5Ps (People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnership), infrastructures, teaching, and learning.

  • Using ICTs to build border less network and facilitate innovative learning.

  • Teacher’s professional development

  • Global/local partnerships to increase the supply of qualified teachers.

Fracarita International will use the outcomes of this conference for further internal reflection on the Pedagogy of Education given by the Brothers of Charity worldwide. More information:

From left to right: Mr. Prakash Goossens (Fracarita International), Dr. Sanchez Monica (UNESCO Institute for Fashion Education), Brother Jos Mathijssen (Fracarita International)

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