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Golden Jubilee of Karitas Junior High School Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Karitas Junior High School Yogyakarta, Brother Peter Gordianus (Chairman of Karya Bakti Foundation of Yogyakarta Branch Office) and the Jubilee Steering Committee organized several activities. The three-day celebration covered: (1) Open House, (2) Alumni Gathering, (3) Healthy Heart, (4) Bazaar, (5) Children Competition, and (6) Seminar on Parenting.

The gathering on 11-13 January 2018 was open to people of all ages. The Healthy Heart moment, which was opened by St. Alfonsus de Liguori Parish Priest, Fr. Antonius Dodit Haryono was followed by public. The Bazaar was presenting the different interests, among others: product of education, food and drinks, health, traditional clothing, hand-craft, household equipment, and vehicles.

The children competition, which was followed by different schools around Yogyakarta, was divided by age-group: Colouring Competition was opened for Elementary Grade 1 till 3; Painting followed by Elementary Grade 4-6; Solo Singing for Kindergarten; Christian Choir Competition pursued by any Elementary school students. There was also New Creative Dance competition.

Seminar on Parenting staged 3 Key Speakers. Mrs. Retno Priyani, Sanata Dharma Lecturer who also fathoms Vincentian Spirituality, covered the topic on “Psychological phenomena and the handling of children's problems nowadays.” The second speaker, Mr. Fajar Riadi Dwi Sasongko, spoke about “Building & bridging good communication between parents and teachers in acknowledging the goodness, potential or talents, and also addressing the problems of children.” Mrs. Helena Rosa Natal as the last speaker explored the topic “Various types of therapies in dealing with learning difficulties in children.” There were also traditional performances by Karitas’ students, followed by Q&A-sessions.

At the end of this packet event, the Committee rewarded the winners of each competition with trophies and small amount of coaching funds. There was also a “Door-prize” for all happy attendees. As for the budget of these variety activities, apart from renting bazaar stands, the Steering Committee also succeeded to get different sponsors, among others Pure Kids Health Product Company, Herbal Company, Panin Bank, and Kanisius Book Publisher.

Besides as a celebration of thanksgiving, Karya Bakti Yogyakarta Branch Office, which is an umbrella of Yogyakarta Karitas Kindergarten, Elementary, and Junior High School, utilizes the joyful moment as a means of school promotion.


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