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Medical team visits children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Sri Lanka

On January 31st, a medical team of 5 doctors, 2 therapists, 4 helpers and the Child Probation Officer came to Theeraniyam Centre in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, to do a medical check-up on the children. This is the first time a team of Doctors visits the centre since its foundation in 2017.

The Theeraniyam Centre takes this opportunity to thank Dr. Mrs. Rajam Devathasan MD, Vice-President of the International Medical Health Organization (IMHO - USA), under whose interest and concern this venture became a success. "We thank from the bottom of our hearts and congratulate her for her good will and action", is the message from the principal, staff, parents and students.

About Theeraniyam

This centre on Sri Lanka’s East coast provides education and therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the past, these specially talented children remained at home, attended common schools without guidance or were sent to centres for children with a mental disability, but did not receive any adapted care. In Theeraniyam, specialized teaching methods are being used and specific support is given to allow these children to develop themselves and learn how to cope with their disorder.

Adolescents with mild ASD can continue to common schools under supervision of Theeraniyam. The more severe cases can follow a vocational training at the Brothers of Charity’s St. Joseph’s Special Education Centre in the same city when they reach the age of 15. On Saturdays, parents are invited for counselling and group activities. This project received support from the US based International Medical Health Organizationand has its classrooms on the property of the Brothers of Charity.

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