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Fracarita Belgium launches South Action Campaign for children with an intellectual disability in Eth

On 23 January, Fracarita Belgium presented its new “Zuidactie” campaign for 2018 in Leopoldsburg, Belgium. This year, Fracarita Belgium is drawing attention to the plight of children and adolescents with an intellectual disability in Ethiopia. These youngsters receive no attention and often live a hidden life. Under the slogan “Hidden Treasures”, the campaign raises money for a small-scale day centre for these children in Yirgachaffe, Ethiopia.

In Yirgacheffe, in the south of Ethiopia, Bro. Saul and Bro. Edouard started a project for children with intellectual disabilities. These children often lead a hidden life in Ethiopia. They barely leave their clay huts and do not go to school. If they do go outside, they are bullied by their peers and everybody avoids them for fear of being ‘infected’. Both brothers want to improve the fate of these children step by step, with help from the local people and the new South Action Campaign. After all, everyone has the right to grow to the best of their abilities. The project can rely on years of experience and knowledge from other day centres of the Brothers of Charity in Africa. Internships and exchanges are organized so that the brothers in Yirgacheffe can continue to build on the ‘best practices’ in the region.

First important step in the development of day centre

Earlier this month, On 9 January 2018, the first important step was taken in the development of a small-scale day centre. In a resourceful way, the brothers started provisional day care for children with intellectual disabilities. Two rooms were set up in a converted container, a classroom and a therapy room. The rooms were inaugurated by Bro. René Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity, who was visiting the region. The parents of the children who were there for the ceremony spontaneously expressed their joy. From now on, their child, which was kept hidden in their home or, even worse, locked up, is able to get proper care and support. With this project, the Brothers of Charity really bring something new to this region where the care for children with intellectual disabilities is almost completely lacking.

"Hidden Treasures"

Under the heading "Hidden Treasures", Fracarita Belgium's South Action Campaign focuses on finding support for the further development of this new project. The different facilities and services of the Brothers of Charity in Belgium now participate in the South Action campaign by informing their pupils, students, patients and clients about the campaign’s theme and by organizing a whole range of fundraising activities.

Your support makes the difference Support children and adolescents with an intellectual disability in Ethiopia and make a donation:

  • online (from Belgium*): click here

  • by bank transfer (from Belgium*): click here. Please mention "Zuidactie 2018" as reference.

  • by bank transfer (international): click here. Please mention "Zuidactie 2018" as reference.

*Donations of €40 or more, made in Belgium, are tax-deductible.

Campaign website (only available in Dutch)

Campaign movie (version for youngsters and adults)

Campaign movie (simplified version)

Campaign poster

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