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Positive state of affairs for the St. Peter's School in Simalia, India

Through the good efforts of Fracarita Belgium's South Action 2016 and several contributors, the St. Peter School in Simalia, India can have this “one packet project”. This packet consists of works on the ground floor and the construction of a completely new first floor and furniture.

Our local project personnel is continuing the work to finalize the well progressing project. With this project, the St. Peter School will be able to offer not only primary education on the ground floor, but also secondary education on the first floor. Furthermore, the school will also have its lab and computer room.

The St. Peter School educates tribal and other children who mostly come from low-income families. Hopefully, the Brothers of Charity and the Fracarita NGOs, can offer better education with the ultimate end-goal of brightening the children’s future.

We will keep you up-to-date about the progress of this construction!

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