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Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Story behind the picture:

The picture was taken at our Programme of Social Family Reintegration ‘Casa Amanacer’ in Granada, Nicaragua. Jefferson, the 11-year-old boy in the picture, has been with the programme of the Brothers of Charity and Fracarita International for one year. Before he joined, he was growing up in a very difficult family situation. After he was abandoned by his mother, his father – who sold drugs on the street – took care of him. Most of the time, Jefferson wandered the streets and did not go to school. He used to beg and go to Internet cafés to play games.

When he arrived at Casa Amanacer, his behaviour was challenging, but he has made such a great improvement. Despite his learning problems, he started taking lessons. In the beginning, he was unable to read and write. Casa Amanacer, together with the school, put together a special programme of learning activities, and after a few months, Jefferson started to read and write. Since last July, he has been going to his father’s house every weekend. He is doing very well now and has a much better future ahead!

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