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Trincomalee, Sri Lanka: Continued lock down collapsed everything

Fracarita Sri Lanka is the NGO of the Brothers of Charity in Sri Lanka. It runs five centres for people with a disability and a technical school. All the services are totally free and only for the poor.

Because of the ongoing pandemic situation, its services could not continue this year in most of the institutions. Continued lock down collapsed everything. Fracarita had to pay full salaries to its co-workers without getting their service for this full year. Only few important events such as the celebration of the World Mental Health Day 2021 at St. Benedict Menni Centre for adult mentally retarded people in Kalmunai and an awarding ceremony at the Technical School in Trincomalee could be organised with the support of the co-workers.

A limited number of people attended the events:

World Mental Health Day 2021 in Kalmunai

Awarding ceremony in Trincomalee


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