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Social Entrepreneurship in the South

In the implementation of the decisions taken by the most recent General Chapter of the Congregation of Brothers of Charity, Fracarita International was also given the task of strengthening the "financial viability" of our apostolic works by supporting and guiding the development of "Income Generating Activities" (IGAs), as well as promoting the sustainability and quality of their transparent professional management through further competence building.

To this end, a policy paper was drafted and promulgated in March 2021, which aims to provide a motivating and encouraging reference framework for the development of local or regional viable IGAs. To guide and support this process, an internal working group was also established within Fracarita International, composed of delegates from the various Southern Provinces (Africa, Asia and the Americas).

The Social Entrepreneurship which we are promoting, in the context of the IGAs of the Brothers of Charity, refers to the process of setting up a structurally profitable activity, taking responsibility and bearing certain justifiable risks. Founded by our Code of Ethics & Conduct.

With the central objective of making a net profit in support of our local apostolic activities and the realization of our Mission. Aimed at the group of people who, in many areas, risk losing their human dignity and need our professional and inspired support.


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