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Mount Tabor Daycare Centre for Children with Disabilities' Plan for 2022

The Mount Tabor Daycare Centre for Children with Disabilities is an institute of the Brothers of Charity that started to take care of children with mental disabilities in the Tanzanian Tabora Region in 2017. This social non-profit initiative offers quality education, appropriate training and skills to children with a mental disability, health care services (physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatment, life skills and psycho-spiritual counselling to parents of children with mental disabilities). The centre is like a school, which helps children to learn. Some children learn standard subjects like in any other classes, while others are simply taught (how) to live in society and learn some skills.

Since an important number of children with mental disabilities started adapted education and the rehabilitation treatment with a big delay, only at the age of 5 to 7 years old, due to the social isolation and marital problem experienced by the mother in the family, the Mount Tabor Daycare Centre is planning to set up an awareness raising project about the significance of mental disabilities with children and their non-discriminatory societal inclusion and reintegration in 2022.


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