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DRC: A mobile clinic for the South-Kivu Province

The Sosame Psychiatric Centre (SPC) in Bukavu in the Province of South-Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo organises, within the limits of its resources, a mobile clinic in the most remote areas of the province where armed gangs still rule after more than two decades of armed conflicts. The aim is to provide mental health care and psychosocial support to people who have been victims of massacres, rape and violence against women, looting, deprivation of livelihoods, poverty and difficult socio-economic conditions, etc.

In this framework, medical (psychiatric) consultations with prescription and treatment, psychological consultations as well as mass sensitisation on mental health care are carried out with reference to Sosame Bukavu for critical cases.

Mass sensitisation during a mobile clinic's visit

This SPC’s initiative is a relief for the victims.

Since the mobile clinic is operational, psychosocial support and care for survivors of violence and massacres have improved the status of women and the mental health of individuals and communities.

The SPC conducts one mobile clinic per quarter and consults an average of 150 people during each 3-day mobile clinic's visit.


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