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Humanitarian Aid donates toys to Romanian children

Picture: Jos Kuppers

Following the visit of Felicia Ciobanu (top right), the Group Humanitarian Aid Hasselt collected new toys for underprivileged children in and around Butea (Romania).

Felicia Ciobanu was a guest in Limburg from 21 to 24 November. She is the Romanian contact person for the projects that the Group Humanitarian Aid Hasselt supports in Butea. Felicia is also member of Fracarita Romania, an NGO of the Brothers of Charity and country office of Fracarita International.

Butea is a small village, located on the eastern side of Romania, against Moldova. Sisters of a small Italian congregation - the Missionare dello Passione sisters - have been active in Butea and its surroundings since 1999, under the leadership of Elisabetta Barolo. Initially starting with home care for the elderly, the sisters have also established a residential care centre for the ill and immobile elderly and a home for institutionalised children in Butea in recent years. Meanwhile, a second residential care centre is under construction in the nearby hamlet of Scheia, and consideration is also being given to the extension of a stay for single mothers with their children in need. In addition, the sisters support many underprivileged families from the area.

During Felicia's stay, contacts were made with a number of schools and organisations in Flanders, with a view to support initiatives in the near future.

The Group Humanitarian Aid Hasselt has close ties with the Franciscans in Hasselt. In April this volunteer group already brought a lot of medical and nursing material to Butea. On her return last Saturday, Felicia received a large suitcase full of new toys for the children in Butea from the group.

Fracarita International supports small-scale initiatives for underprivileged children and residential care for ill elderly people in Romania. Read more about our activities in Europe in our Annual Report 2017 on page 38-39.

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