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Fracarita International participated at a congress about migration and entrepreneurship in the South

Fracarita International participated at the Congress "Migration, Today and Tomorrow / Will more entrepreneurship in the South reduce migration?" on November 12th in Brussels, Belgium. The NGO of the Brothers of Charity participated in the framework of the income-generating activities policy, the link with the SDGs and the power of entrepreneurship in the South.

In line with the mission of Fracarita International, in particular with regard to strengthening and supporting the financial independence of the regions in the South, an internal policy is being developed in which the setting up of income-generating activities (IGAs) is an important part.

Leveraging socially and locally integrated entrepreneurship, concepts such as empowerment and governance as well as the link with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are also placed at the centre. Fracarita International, as an International NGO of the Brothers of Charity, is thus witnessing a proactive, forward-looking and substantiated vision of sustainable value-driven development aid.

Based on these ambitions and intentions, a "Code of Ethics & Conduct" was drawn up for all IGAs of the Brothers of Charity in April 2018 and approved as a framework within which this social entrepreneurship can develop further.

In the same process of policy development, Fracarita International (represented by Mr. Paul Segers) was present at the Congress "Migration, Today and Tomorrow / Will more entrepreneurship in the South reduce migration?" on Monday November 12th, which was set up by the organization "Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs" (with as mission "sustainable cooperation with the South").

Through a number of renowned speakers and an interesting panel discussion, the focus was on the power and possibilities of this entrepreneurship in the South. Including the potential to give back dignity and self-respect to the people in the South through this local entrepreneurship.

The substantive connections with our own mission, the countless inspiring insights, the compelling testimonials about good practices and the provided evidence-based methodologies made this annual theme conference an extremely inspiring experience.

The afterwards reception in the grand Chancellery in Brussels also gave maximum space for networking and the exchange of experiences or project plans. Further follow-up is assured.

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