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Fracarita International gave coaching session on Administration & Service-Project Management in

The Region of Tanzania (St. Dominic) welcomed Bro. Martin De Porres, who serves the congregation through Fracarita International, for giving a coaching session on Capacity Building. The coaching session was attended by 19 members. Most of them were responsible for the 10 services in Tanzania. The training took place in Aqua Lodge in Kigoma in March 2018. The aim of the coaching was discussion and sharing on how to do things more professionally in the apostolate works, Fracarita Tanzania Administration Office, and the Regional Office as well.

The coaching session was focused on the main topic “Administration & Service/Project Management”. Applying the approach of share-based experience, Bro. Martin De Porres explained out of experiences on:

  • communication, administration & the importance of keeping good records,

  • job-handling and job-description,

  • acting on the same common ground (rules/guidelines that unify the region),

  • the importance of respecting the organizational structure,

  • strategic plan (durable and doable),

  • financial report,

  • project proposal & report,

  • apostolate Elenchus,

  • sharing contacts among unit works,

  • keeping good contact with benefactors.

Bro. Martin De Porres encouraged the Tanzanian Region to make simple activity reports. As he explains, “No donor or network likes just to hear problems or needs, but we should also actively share the joy and good activities of our social services!”. When organizing an activity, one should ask himself what & why they do something, how to do it and with who and when & where, plus monitoring and evaluation of what you have done or realized. From it grassroots, the apostolate works should nurture communication, having good documentation and filing. Bro. Martin gave lots of examples of what other regions outside Tanzania did better and what still needs improvement.

On the last day of the coaching session, Bro. Martin gave time to the Region to analyse itself and asked them to make decisions by themselves to improve in some points, always using the approach “start with something doable and in the spirit of togetherness.” The Region started with improvements on communications with some specific plans about a website, newsletter and Facebook page.

The Region and Fracarita Tanzania appreciated Bro. Martin as facilitator and Fracarita International for this kind of reformation by having such coaching session. Bro. Gilbert Kilasa, Coordinator of Fracarita Tanzania, is grateful: “This creates awareness and changes the mentality on ways of doing things in the Tanzanian Region. The session really opens our mind in regard of what we are doing good and what we really need to improve. It suggests that this kind of coaching session should continue to improve our apostolate works and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.”

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