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Fundraising dinner for the benefit of youngsters with epilepsy

On Thursday 9 November, Fracarita International, in association with Fracarita Belgium, is hosting a fundraising dinner in Maldegem (Belgium). By joining us for our fundraising dinner, you will be able to contribute to the purchase of medication and EEG devices, and to the organization of awareness campaigns for the benefit of youngsters with epilepsy in Africa, which refers to Fracarita Belgium's South Campaign 2017.

Restaurant Huyze De Baere supports this event, which allows us to invest about half of what you pay for the gourmet fundraising dinner! The invitation is in the pictures below (in Dutch). We hope to welcome you there! You can enrol for this fundraising dinner via

If you cannot make it to the fundraising dinner, but you would like to support our project, please make a donation to Fracarita Belgium, account No. BE51 4459 6281 2162 (BIC: KREDBEBB) mentioning ‘Zuidactie – epilepsie’. If you live in Belgium and your contribution exceeds € 40, you will receive a tax certificate in the account holder’s name next year. We cannot provide you with a tax certificate for the dinner admission.

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