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[ENG] Open World Day panel discussion at Bruges Major Seminary

Fracarita International took part in a panel discussion at the Major Seminary of Bruges on Open World Day on Wednesday 3 May. Open World Day is an initiative of Kontinenten vzw and Mission Pastoral Work.

On 3 May, the Open World Day was held under the ‘Hope-Connection-Solidarity’ flag, with exciting seminars and workshops for children and adults, an ongoing information fair, and panel discussions. Fracarita International took part in a panel discussion with representatives of different congregations. The aim was to find answers to such questions as “How do the congregations view mission pastoral work today?”, “What do they want to continue to invest in?”. Kontinenten vzw supports small-scale and sustainable projects in the South, including in Africa, Asia, South America, and in the Balkans. Each project tries to support the local population and protect the most weak in those societies from exclusion.

View Fracarita International’s PowerPoint presentation here (in Dutch). Read the discussion on Fracarita International’s mission pastoral work here (in Dutch).

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