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Relaxation training for patients of Peruvian mental health care centre

COSMA, a mental health care centre in Ayacucho, Peru (Fracarita Latin America) provided a relaxation training session to its patients in February 2017. The training helps the patients to prevent stress.

COSMA provides support to those individuals who have been deeply affected by the attacks of the Shining Path in the eighties and the nineties. Consequently, a significant number of the population continue to require a range of support strategies focusing on mental health issues. The centre has a day clinic which follows the international policies of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Latin America. It has four departments, one exclusive for chronic patients, one for the different mental health problems (depression, PTSD, addiction, personality disorders, etc.), one department for children with a mental disability and one for outreach programmes in prevention of mental health disorders.

Pictures and information about COSMA: click here.

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