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Showroom of Indonesian mental health centre is finalized

The construction of a psychiatric showroom in BoC Centre "Renceng Mose", located in Ruteng (Flores Island), is finalized. A collection of chains and wood-shackles, worn by rehabilitants before they entered the centre, is now displayed for visitors. The showroom has an informative and educational purpose. It gives right information about mental health and how to better treat People with Psychosocial Disabilities (PwPD).

Since the establishment of the centre in March 2014, Renceng Mose receives rehabilitants from different historical backgrounds. Before entering Renceng Mose, some lived in their home just like their other family members. But sadly, many were chained or wood-shackled for some years. Brothers & staffs often have to go to several very remote villages to unchain or unshackle people with psychosocial disabilities (PwPD), because the family is too afraid to do the process. As suggested by Fracarita International, Renceng Mose started to collect the chains or wood-shackles that were used by the rehabilitants. Though time, Renceng Mose increased the number of collection.

On 9 January 2015, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, the centre invited the rehabilitants’ families and other people who lived nearby. Renceng Mose displayed a part of the collection of chains and wood-shackles, by explaining the chronologies of how rehabilitants lived before entering the centre, and how their quality of life improved after following the treatment.

One of the visitors, a doctor from Ruteng area, was really impressed by the efforts for collecting these materials and expressed his willingness to help the centre to have a Psychiatric Centre Showroom. As per 2016, with the total amount from the doctor, Renceng Mose finalized the construction and displays the complete collection. The main purpose of this showroom is to give a general idea of what the centre does. It also has an educational purpose for visitors, as it gives right information about mental health and the better way to treat People with Psychosocial Disabilities (PwPD).

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