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New community and health centre in Buyangu, Kenya

In the diocese of Kakamega, near the city of Kisumu and famous Lake Victoria in Kenya, a new community and a health centre were opened in Buyangu on Friday, 26 August.

At the request of the bishop of Kakamega, the congregation took over an existing health centre which had been abandoned for many years. The goal is to bring it back to life and also to develop the care of psychiatric patients. The nearby convent, which had also been abandoned for years, has been refurbished and readied in order to accommodate a new community of brothers. In the presence of the Superior General, Bro. René Stockman, and the representative of the bishop, Fr. Maurice, both the convent and the health centre were solemnly consecrated and opened. Henceforth, the Brothers of Charity are present in Buyangu with a concrete work in health care, in addition to the house of formation with an international novitiate and Provincial House in Nairobi.


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