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New car and motorcycle for psychiatric centre in Indonesia

Fracarita Indonesia finalized the purchase of a new car and motorcycle for the Renceng Mose Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre & Clinic in Ruteng Town, Flores Island. The fund was made available through the generosity of two organizations (Miva Netherlands & Reinier van Arkel), mediated by Fracarita Netherlands.

The choice of the car is based on the reality of Flores Island’s landscape and road condition. The car will surely make it easier for Brothers & staff members to better organize the centre’s two main programmes, in-patient and outreach programmes, such as home-care and awareness programme.

Renceng Mose is the Brothers of Charity’s new initiative in answering the real needs in Flores Island of Nusa Tenggara Timur/NTT Province, and is operative since March 2014. Flores Island has a population of 1.831.000, spreading on the area of 14,400 km², and is considered as left-behind comparing to some other islands in Indonesia, such as Java or Sumatra. Flores Island, mostly populated by Christians, is one of the main islands as part of NTT Province; where 8 Regencies located in Flores Island. In 2015, this province only had two psychiatrists, who reside in Kupang City, the capital of NTT, a separated Island from Flores. This province, which covers more than 550 islands with 22 regencies, has a total population of 5.356.567 and doesn’t have any operated psychiatric hospital.

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