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Mental health patients beautify the appearance of a centre in Peru

Several patients of the psychiatric rehabilitation centre Escuela de Vida beautified the appearance of the building in Lima, Peru in April 2016. They painted the building in different colours. It was another healthy and drug-free day!

Escuela de Vida

The full name of this centre is Centro de Diagnostico, psicoterapia y Rehabilitación en Adicciones - Escuela de Vida. This centre, which is located in the metropolis of Lima, is called “Escuela de Vida” or “Life School”. The aim of the project is to enable volunteers to work with drug addicts on a rehabilitation programme. Many of those addicted to drug use present as not having any self-esteem and lack self-confidence. The “Escuela de Vida” aims to change this negative trend. Upon completion of the rehabilitation programme, former addicts can reintegrate and play an active role in society, in their families and their professional environment.


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