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Several events at psychiatric centre in the Philippines

From January to April 2016, several events took place at the Saint Dymphna Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre in Gingoog, Philippines. This small-scaled initiative, locally originated on behalf of volunteers, was taken over by the Brothers of Charity in 2013 and thoroughly adapted to fit the requirements of care services. The center was reopened at the end of 2014. ‘Breaking the chains of stigma’ and removing the iron bars were top priorities for Fracarita Philippines.

  • Events in January 2016: click here

  • Events in February 2016: click here

  • Events in March 2016: click here

  • Events in April 2016: click here


During sports fest

During trip to Mantianak Botanical Garden and Zoological Park

During path blessing

During St. Dymphna's Fest Day

Mixed photos during consultation, outing, etc.

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