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Peruvian centre joins global awareness campaign ‘We ring the bell’

On March 10, over 200,000 children at more than 800 primary schools in The Netherlands ‘rang the bell’. They were joined by children in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 'We ring the bell' is an awareness campaign organized by the Dutch ‘Liliane Foundation’ since 2012. Its aim is to draw attention to children's right to education.

At the day of the event, pupils brought all kinds of instruments. By making noise for one minute in their schoolyards, the children celebrated the fact that they can go to school. At the same time, they paid attention to the fact that many children with disabilities in developing countries do not have access to education.

Again, there was a lot of media attention in The Netherlands for the campaign.

Also, a number of children in other countries joined in the event. CEPETRI, a centre which provides special education in Lima, Peru, joined the global campaign. The children made noise using drums, song and dance. CEPETRI is the abbreviation for Centro de Educación Básica Especial - Pedro José Triest.

The Liliane Foundation is a partner of Fracarita International. It aims to give children with disabilities access to school or day care.


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