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New roof for Indonesian school for the deaf

On 23 November 2015, some workers started with the roof renovation of the Don Bosco Institute of the Deaf in Wonosobo, Indonesia. In December 2015, the old roofing tiles were replaced by new ones. The renovation was necessary because the rainy season in Indonesia has started. The renovation works were financed by the income of the annual campaign of Fracarita Netherlands. Both private individuals and foundations supported the campaign.

The money came from different initiatives:

  • people played cards for charity,

  • a pilgrimage was organized,

  • money was collected in the chapel of Eikenburg during burial services and Sunday Mass Celebrations,

  • monthly donations from regular donors,

  • some big gifts of foundations who want to remain anonymous.

More information about the Don Bosco Institute of the Deaf:!blank/ncykp

Update: pictures of the (roof) renovation at the Don Bosco Institute of the Deaf in Wonosobo, Indonesia:

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