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Successful Fracarita Netherlands day

On October 2, co-workers, volunteers and supporters of Fracarita Netherlands gathered in Eindhoven for their annual Fracarita day. The attendees were informed on the current state of affairs of the Dutch foundation and were given more information on the organization's vision on the future​.

After the welcoming speech of Bro. Veron Raes, Mrs. Hermien Staals took the guests on a spiritual trip along Fracarita and the initiatives of the Brothers of Charity. Bro. Veron explained the attendees about the finished projects and the developments that were made last year, namely: the Friends Committee and the mission and vision.

After mentioning the current projects, Bro. Veron had the honour to receive two donations. The first donation was an envelope of the jubilee of Bro. Pax for the benefit of the Don Bosco Institute of the Deaf, Wonosobo, Indonesia. The second donation was a cheque, given by the Bantu Anak Anak Foundation with the fantastic amount of € 17.000 for the construction of a wall around the Psychiatric Centre Mose Renceng, Ruteng, Indonesia.

The board of the Bantu Anak Anak Foundation hands out the cheque of € 17.000 to Bro. Martin De Porres, Continental Coordinator of Asia.

After a traditional Indian dance performance by Mohini, Bro. René Stockman, President of Fracarita International, went through the impressive list of projects of the Brothers of Charity in Asia: more than 30 projects in 9 Asian countries! Afterwards, there was time for another Indian dance performance, which was inspired by the Bollywood style, together with a cup of coffee or tea and an Indonesian Spekkoek. Mr. René Berende and Mr. Paul Pijnenborg of the Renier van Arkelgroep talked about their work visit to the Psychiatric Centre Mose Renceng (Ruteng, Indonesia). They also showed some pictures to the audience. At the same moment, a buffet with Indonesian snacks was being prepared for the walking dinner...

Photo collage (thanks to Mrs. Truus Huijs – Haenen)


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