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Fracarita International at WHO Forum on Mental Health

Prof. Dr. Geert Dom participated in the WHO Forum on the Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) in Geneva on 8 and 9 October on behalf of Fracarita International. The mhGAP aimed at scaling up services for mental, neurological and substance use disorders for countries especially with low- and middle-income. The Conference payed much attention to initiatives that reduce the gap between primary care and mental care.

It was primarily attended by organizations that committed towards the WHO as “Collaborating Centres” or by organizations that explicitly pursue the WHO/UN’s vision on mental health and related intervention methodology at least in words.

Prof. Dom recommended Fracarita International to attend the WHO’s annual forum on the mhGAP and commit to support the principles formulated in its intervention guide and, if necessary, to implement them, if it wants more contacts with the WHO in the future.

Prof. Dom also attended side meetings with some potential partner organizations and individuals. These appreciated our initiatives and were interested in collaborating with our organization in the future. Read the complete scientific paper here.


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