Happy Easter

Belgium is these days in national mourning in remembrance of the victims who have died and of those who were injured by the bomb attacks in Brussels. Many expressed their sympathy with the Belgian population and give support, which creates a strong solidarity amongst all people in the world. We pray that our anger and our fear will be conquered by a strong witness of hope and love in the coming days.

Information, sensitization and formation days on mental health in Burundi

The Centre Neuropsychiatrique de Kamenge, Burundi, organized two information, sensitization and formation days on mental health on 4 and 5 March 2016. For this activity, the centre cooperated with l’Association Burundaise de Lutte contre les Maladies Génétiques ou Rares (ABLD). The theme of the first day was ‘Mental health disorders: information to come to a better acceptance’. The theme of the second day was ‘the needs of mental health patients and the psychosocial acceptance’. About 100 persons attended the seminars. Click here for the programme of the seminar.

New book on mercy by Bro. René Stockman

Bro. René Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity and president of Fracarita International, wrote a new book on the occasion of the Holy Year of Mercy, entitled ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice’. Bro. Stockman looks for answers to questions such as ‘What is mercy?’, ‘What does it mean today?’, and ‘How can we live and experience it?’. The 14 works of mercy are discussed, as well as a few icons of mercy. This inspiring book is published by Halewijn and is only available in Dutch for the moment. Order your copy now via Book on mercy presented to Pope Francis Rome – On Friday, 26 February 2016, Superior General Brother René Stockman had the opportunity to

New names: Fracarita America and Fracarita Latin America

‘Fracarita Latin America’ is the new umbrella name for Fracarita Peru, Nicaragua and Brazil. On the other hand, ‘Fracarita America’ is the new umbrella name for Fracarita USA and Canada. During Fracarita International’s general meeting in Rome in January 2016, there was decided to enlarge Fracarita Peru towards Fracarita Latin America, with responsibility for Peru, Nicaragua and Brazil. Similarly, the services of Fracarita USA and Fracarita Canada are now under the responsibility of Fracarita America.

Peruvian centre joins global awareness campaign ‘We ring the bell’

On March 10, over 200,000 children at more than 800 primary schools in The Netherlands ‘rang the bell’. They were joined by children in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 'We ring the bell' is an awareness campaign organized by the Dutch ‘Liliane Foundation’ since 2012. Its aim is to draw attention to children's right to education. At the day of the event, pupils brought all kinds of instruments. By making noise for one minute in their schoolyards, the children celebrated the fact that they can go to school. At the same time, they paid attention to the fact that many children with disabilities in developing countries do not have access to education. Again, there was a lot of media attention in

Belgian nursing students visit psychiatric centre in India

Belgian nursing students and teachers visited the Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Saint Giuseppe Moscati in Tamil Nadu, India on Monday 14 March 2016. The visitors met patients and learned more about the services of the centre. It was a very interesting day for both parties. Students and teachers of the Sint-Augustinusinstuut in Aalst, Belgium visited the psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Tamil Nadu, India. Bro. Wilfred Swamynathan explained the students everything about the rehabilitation centre. There was also time to ask questions. Afterwards, the students had a group conversation with the patients. Despite the language barrier, the communication went well. It was an interesting

New office space in Fracarita International’s main office in Bruges, Belgium

Fracarita International has a new common office space for all co-workers since March 2016. The office space is located on the ground floor of Fracarita International’s main office in Bruges. Five desks are in the same room now, together with all computers and office materials. The team of Fracarita International can now work closer together.

Wereld Missie Hulp celebrates its 30th anniversary

Wereld Missie Hulp (in English: World Mission Help, WMH), a Belgian non-profit organization and partner of Fracarita International, celebrates its 30th anniversary on April 24, 2016. On the agenda: a book presentation, a big birthday party and some conferences. Link between Fracarita International and WMH Wereld Missie Hulp is an important partner of Fracarita International for several years. In recent history, Wereld Missie Hulp supported the water project of the Saint Cornelius Mental Health Centre Kasaka in Tanzania and the chicken project of the Gefersa Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre (GMHF) in Ethiopia. A lot of other centres also received (financial) support by WMH. Book presentati

Seminar on drug abuse and prevention in Tanzania

The Maendeleo Youth Centre in Kigoma, Tanzania, held a seminar on drug abuse and prevention from 9 January till 12 January 2016. The main goal of the seminar was to create awareness on drug abuse and the consequences of drugs. It was presented to the youth, by the youth. Drug abuse is a big problem for the young generation in Tanzania. It is a huge challenge for the local population and the government. To deal with this problem, some co-workers of the Maendeleo Youth Centre gave a seminar to more than 100 youngsters. They trained them some skills and strategies on how to be able to avoid the use of drugs and how to sensitize fellow youngsters concerning the use of drugs and its bad consequen

Article about Fracarita International in catholic paper ‘Kerk & Leven’

The catholic paper ‘Kerk & Leven’ (in English: ‘Church & Life’) published an interview with Bro. Jos Mathijssen, coordinator of Fracarita International, on 9 March 2016. Bro. Jos talks about the services of Fracarita International, the Brothers of Charity, refugees and the Holy Year of Mercy. You can read the complete article here (in Dutch).

Fracarita Netherlands provide Pakistani students new school materials

Fracarita Netherlands and its donators provided new books, note books and school stationery for 161 students of the Umeed-E-Nau Primary School in Lahore, Pakistan, on Wednesday 9 March 2016. The school materials will help the students to continue their studies and prevent school dropouts. The Umeed-e-Nau Primary School is located in a neighbourhood where adults and children are employed in brick kilns. Most families have a bonded labour contract, which means that they are obliged to provide labour services to repay loans to their employer for basic necessities, medical expenses, weddings and funerals. It’s a modern form of slavery. Most brick kiln workers can’t read nor write, and don’t know

New roof for Indonesian school for the deaf

On 23 November 2015, some workers started with the roof renovation of the Don Bosco Institute of the Deaf in Wonosobo, Indonesia. In December 2015, the old roofing tiles were replaced by new ones. The renovation was necessary because the rainy season in Indonesia has started. The renovation works were financed by the income of the annual campaign of Fracarita Netherlands. Both private individuals and foundations supported the campaign. The money came from different initiatives: people played cards for charity, a pilgrimage was organized, money was collected in the chapel of Eikenburg during burial services and Sunday Mass Celebrations, monthly donations from regular donors, some big gifts of

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