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3 areas, one objective: human dignity

3 areas, one objective: human dignity

3 areas, one objective: human dignity

The Brothers of Charity's NGO for development cooperation

As an international NGO for development cooperation of the Brothers of Charity, Fracarita International aims to support more than 115 services and projects in 20 countries in:

  • Africa

  • Latin America

  • Asia


In doing so, we focus on three major areas:

  • mental health care

  • care for persons with a disability

  • education and training

We pay special attention to the most vulnerable and the weakest people.

Specifically, Fracarita International supports these services and projects in various ways: by providing expert advice and coaching, by exchanging expertise, by providing financial assistance, by supporting them in strengthening local skills, by supporting them in developing initiatives to become more financially autonomous themselves and by giving them a voice or advocating at international forums where social policy is shaped.


To this end, Fracarita International has also been given consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

All this from an active desire to make the people of the South real partners in the promotion, respect and restoration of human dignity.

We support over 115 services & projects in 20 countries

Where does Fracarita International work?

Latin America   |   Africa   |   Asia

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