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World Mental Health Day celebrations in Latin America in October 2017



  • 09/10: Fracarita Latin America attends to the MINSA event for
    the WMHD where the reform of mental health care will be
    presented and discussed

  • 10/10: Collage of the awareness activity with the collaborators
    of Fracarita Latin America's office


Programa de Intervención Psicosocial “Jesús Amigo”

Location WMHD Celebration: Granada, Nicaragua


  • Advocacy:

    • Discussion group about the importance of educational and
      cultural values at home.

    • Risks of a misuse of free time.


Centro Especializado de Salud Mental de Ayacucho (COSMA)

Location WMHD Celebration: Ayacucho, Peru


  • 27-28/09: Training on psychotherapeutic intervention of children
    as victims of family violence

  • 27–29/09: Broadcasting in local media about COSMA and the
    participation of private enterprises and social organizations to
    boost mental health

  • 05-10/10: Diffusion of campaign “Doses of vitamins for the soul" on COSMA’s Facebook fan page 

  • 10/10: Interviews in the local media

  • 10/10: Information Fair where it will bring off:

    • Depression and anxiety screenings

    • Playful activities "Play with me", "Ask roulette about depression", "Building my happiness"

    • Photo booth

    • Giving of "Fruna de treat me as a person" and "Candies for the soul"


Centro de Diagnóstico, Psicoterapia y Rehabilitación en Adicciones (Escuela De Vida)

Location WMHD Celebration: Lima, Peru


  • 09/10: Workshop with the residents in social reintegration stage and their families, about of importance of mental health

  • 10/10: Workshop about the importance of mental health with Escuela de Vida residents and recreational and sports activities

Centro de Educación Básica Especial Pedro José Triest (CEPETRI)

Location WMHD Celebration: Lima, Peru


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