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World Mental Health Day celebrations in Africa in October 2017



Centre Neuro-Psychiatrique Kamenge (CNPK)

Theme: Depression, let's talk.


Location WMHD Celebration: Bujumbura ; Burundi

Main participants: Ministry of Public Health and the Fight Against Aids, Ministry of Education, National Institute of Public Health (INSP), Neuropsychiatric Centre of Kamenge (CNPK) and the International Organization for Migration (OIM).


  • From 6 October

    • Broadcasting of television and radio spots

  • 10 October

    • Rebroadcast of television report on RTNB

    • Statement of the Minister at RTNB

  • 16-20 October

    • Mobile hospitals in the Provence of Makamba

    • Integration project of mental health care

  • 19 October

    • Leisure activities and sensitization activities with patients, co-workers, families, invited guests, etc. with dances and music.

  • 20 October

    • Celebrations at the National Institute of Public Health (INSP)

      • Graduation ceremonies

Read the full programme here.


Centre de Santé Mentale 'Tulizo Letu'

Theme: Mental health at the workplace.


Location WMHD Celebration: Goma, North Kivu Province, DR Congo


  • Tulizo Letu celebrates WMHD for the 12th time

  • Sensitization activities via (local) media, organizations and companies

  • Colloquium: 'mental health at the workplace' (programme: here)

  • Mass 

  • Expression of gratitude to all benefactors 

  • Download the official announcement here (in French)

  • Download the programme here (in French)

Centre Hospitalier Jukayi 

Theme: Mental health at the workplace.


Location WMHD Celebration: Kananga, DR Congo


  • Mass in the chapel of the ancient novitiate

  • Visit of the city's Mayor, the Provincial Minister of Health, the Bishop and the Governor 

  • Several speeches

  • Cocktail for all participants 

  • Download the official invitation here (in French)

Centre Neuro-Psychiatrique Dr. Joseph Guislain  

Theme: Mental health at the workplace.


Location WMHD Celebration: Lubumbashi, DR Congo


  • Read the detailed programme here (in French)


Maison de soins psychiatriques Saint Vincent de Paul

Theme: Depression, let's talk.


Location WMHD Celebration: Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast


  • 9-13 October: promotion of the services provided in Saint Vincent de Paul

  • Rehabilitation and sensitization activities

  • 10 October: official celebration:

    • Attendees: patients, co-workers, relatives and friends of Saint Vincent de Paul
    • Special guests, press, local radio
    • Conference

    • Mass

    • Delivery of a deepfreeze, donated by the family Boizi

Read the full programme here (in French). 


Saint Dymphna Psychiatric Centre

Theme: Mental health in the workplace.


Location WMHD Celebration: Marumba, Kasulu, Tanzania


  • 8 October: sensitization programme about stress (causes, types, symptoms, consequences, coping with stress, Q&A session)

  • 10 October:

    • Providing information about stress to students of two schools in Kasulu

    • Speech by the director of Saint Dymphna Psychiatric Centre

    • Breaking the chains

Read the full programme here (with pictures).

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