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World Mental Health Day celebrations in Africa in October 2016



Centre Neuro-Psychiatrique Kamenge (CNPK)

Location WMHD Celebration: Rutana / Gitega / Bujumbura ; Burundi


  • Integration project of mental health care in the province of Rutana

  • Sensitization actions in Bujumbura and Gitega, supported by several partners (OMS, CNPK, MIPAREC, PPCM)

  • Declaration by the Minister of Mental Health and a representative of OMS

  • The week of 10 October is completely dedicated to mental health and includes several initiatives:

    • Different radio spots are broadcasted on (local) radio stations

    • Conference about mental health and communal sensitization actions

    • Presentation of the strategic mental health plan to citizens of Bujumbura

  • Animation in Rutana:

    • Drummers, dancers and sketches

    • Testimonies

    • Several speeches

  • You can read the full programme here (including a list of participants, partners and conferences)



Fracarita CAR

Location WMHD Celebration: École Padre Pio, Bimbo, CAR

Theme: Mental health and education (project “Écoute Psychosocial et Soins
de Santé Mentale”). Focus on children and adolescents who suffer from the
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Target groups:

  • Pupils of the primary school

  • Toddlers and teachers of the pre-school kindergarten

  • In total: 14 classes

Programme (10 October):

  • Speech for the pupils of the primary school

  • Several activities for the toddlers

  • Sensitization actions and information about traumas and mental
    health in general on the level of the children

  • You can consult the full programme here.



Centre Neuropsychiatrique Dr. Joseph Guislain (CNPJG)


Location WMHD Celebration: Lubumbashi, DR Congo


Theme: Mental and psychological health – first aid for everyone.


Programme (10 October):

  • Conference debate

  • Q&A-session

  • Speeches

    • By a representative of the archdiocese of Lubumbashi

    • By a representative of the World Health Organization

    • By a representative of the Provincial Minister of Health of Haut-Katanga

    • By Bro. Ghislain Basubi Wilondja, director of the centre


The CNPJG is a new purpose built psychiatric hospital. The centre may admit up to 40 residential patients. Furthermore, the hospital has its own laboratory, health centre, and an occupational therapy department. The CNPJG has been playing an important role in raising awareness through education and the treatment of epilepsy in the region of the metropolis of Lubumbashi since 2010. 


Read the article about the WMHD celebrations on the website of Congomonde (in French). Watch the video here.


Maison de Soins Psychiatriques Saint Vincent de Paul (Yamoussoukro)

Location WMHD Celebration: Abidjan, Ivory Coast


  • “Opération Hôpital Propre” (11 October)

  • A small ceremony (14 October)

  • Sensitization actions in collaboration with NGO “Lumière et vie”

  • Fee reduction for all services in the centre during the whole month of October



Saint Dymphna Psychiatric Centre

Location WMHD Celebration: Kasulu, Marumba, Tanzania


  • Epilepsy: sensitise the local Christian community of the catholic church (2 October)

  • Epilepsy: sensitise two primary schools of the village of Marumba, where the target groups are pupils and teachers (7 October)

  • Epilepsy: sensitise the population of the province of Kigoma through Radio Kwizera (10 October)


Saint Cornelius Mental Health Centre Kasaka

Location WMHD Celebration: Kasaka, Kigoma, Tanzania


  • Public awareness programme about mental health issues and psychology to a broad public, with Q&A-session (6 October)

  • Psychoeducation to families of residents (7 October)
    What is psychoeducation? Find out more via

  • Public awareness programme about mental health issues and psychology for patients and families (10 October)

  • Public awareness programme about mental health issues and psychology for students and teachers of the secondary school in Masanga (date not specified)

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