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Music video CNPK Burundi

The Centre Neuro-Psychiatrique Kamenge (CNPK) in Burundi made a music video to raise awareness for mental health. They want to break the chains of stigma that today still characterize societies' perception on mental illnesses.


The subtitles of the video are in French.

Chocolate Rubens and Mental Health Care

Worldwide mental health care by the Brothers of Charity.

Celebration of World Mental Health Day 2013 by the Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Saint Giuseppe Moscati in Sivagangai, India.

South Action Fracarita Belgium 2016

The South Action of this year is organized for the benefit of the Saint Peter's School (education), Simalia, Ranchi, India. More info: (in dutch).

South Action Fracarita Belgium 2014

The South Action of Fracarita Belgium in 2014 was organized for the benefit of Rumonge Deaf Cooperative (special education), Kigoma, Tanzania.

South Action Fracarita Belgium 2013

The South Action of Fracarita Belgium in 2013 was organized for the benefit of Comisión de Salud Mental de Ayacucho (mental health care), Ayacucho, Peru.


Celebration of World Mental Health Day 2015, Fracarita India
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