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Centre pour Handicapés Physiques de Gikondo
This centre (a branch of the Home de la Vierge des Pauvres) was established in 2010. Initial work focused upon orthopaedic care for individuals with physical disabilities (e.g. manufacturing prosthesis, reparations,...). However, during the latter quarter of 2010, new activities were introduced, these include: identification and early guidance, and intervention strategies. The activities are available for young children with a variety of developmental disabilities. Depending on the respective disability, external experts such as ophthalmologists, ENT specialists and orthopaedic specialists are consulted. Additionally, individual counselling is currently being made available. Young adults are supported in their search for a job (career counselling). The location of this centre in the capital city (which is the economic force of the country and additionally is situated in the centre of the country) is ideally located to deliver these services. In 2015, a new primary school for special education was opened in Gikondo.




Gikondo (Kigali), Rwanda


Disability care

Care for people with a physical disability

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