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World Mental Health Day celebrations in Latin America in October 2016


Programa de Intervención Psicosocial “Jesús Amigo”

Location WMHD Celebration: Granada, Nicaragua


  • Advocacy

    • Presentation at Sandido Park: “The importance of family involvement in rehabilitation treatment” (in collaboration with the Ministry of Family)

  • Integration

    • Family Day: residents and family members share a full day together



Centro Especializado de Salud Mental de Ayacucho (COSMA)

Location WMHD Celebration: Ayacucho, Peru


  • Broadcast: “Promotion of Mental Health”

    • Media interviews at local level (3-7 October)

  • Information fair

    • Photo session: photo props about World Mental Health Day

    • Theater play: “First Aid in Mental Health”

    • Game: the way of knowledge “Dignity in Mental Health”

    • Exhibition of products from the workshop of COSMA

  • Conference “Dignity in Mental Health” (20 October)


Centro de Diagnóstico, Psicoterapia y Rehabilitación en Adicciones (Escuela De Vida)

Location WMHD Celebration: Lima, Peru


  • Workshop

    • By the psychology team: “New approaches in the treatment of addictions”

  • Academic lecture

    • Introductory course: “Management and therapeutic tools”

  • Confraternity

    • The residents and professional team have lunch together

  • Recognition

  • Escuela de Vida will receive a recognition from the National Ministry of Health (on national level), as model in the treatment of addictions under “Therapeutic Community Approach”

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