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Saint Cornelius Mental Health Centre Kasaka
This psychiatric centre was opened in 2012. It offers ambulatory mental health care just outside the regional capital of Kigoma. There is also an inpatient ward with a current capacity of 20 beds (= first phase). The Kasaka Mental Health Centre works in close collaboration with the Saint Dymphna Psychiatric Centre in Marumba, another initiative of the Brothers of Charity in the field of mental health care in the Kigoma region. Both centres are the only facilities for mental health care in a region the size of Denmark.
Water project 2013


In December 2013, a water borehole was drilled and a solar pump and 4 water tanks were installed on the plot of the psychiatric hospital. Around 6,350 people (including local population, patients and staff of Saint Cornelius MH Hospital) now have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis. The Belgian donor organization Wereld Missie Hulp was one of the sponsors of the ‘Water for Kasaka" project. It donated € 6,000.00 € on October 10th.


The project aimed to:

  • Provide a secure water supply to the

- Actual services of the Saint Cornelius Mental Health Hospital in Kasaka: ambulant + pharmacy + administration

- Planned services of laboratory (120 families of the village) and hospitalization (60 patients)

- Actual staff present (5) and planned staff (40)

- Village  when the municipality does not provide water

  • Contribute to:

- Improve the general health of the village

- Fight water born-diseases: typhoid, cholera, etc.


We thank these donors:







Kigoma, Tanzania




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