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Centre Hospitalier Jukayi, département Santé Mentale






Kananga, DR Congo




1000 (in 2017)

- Mental health care

- Disability care

- Residential mental health care, as continuation for the psychiatric care in Katwambi.

- Care for persons with a physical disability

Jukayi is a remedial rehabilitation centre with its own operating theatre. Rehabilitation and reintegration of disabled people into society is a priority. A number of clients are able to walk again independently when leaving the rehabilitation centre. Therefore, the name of this building is entitled “Jukayi", meaning "Stand up". The centre also has a special department where it provides mental health care for persons with an intellectual disability.

CRHP Jukayi was founded by the Congregation of the Brothers of Charity and takes care of persons living with physical and intellectual disability in order to facilitate their reintegration into society. The centre serves the provinces of West-Kasai and East-Kasai. CRHP started with mental health care in 2010. 


The centre has a physiotherapy service, an orthopaedic service, three hospitalization halls, a dispensary for general health care and psychiatric care, an ophthalmic consultation room, a laboratory, an E.E.G. service, a service of radiology, a surgery block, a sewing house to train and help children and young people living with physical and intellectual disabilities to reintegrate into society.


CRHP Jukayi has 18 staff members and a capacity of 55 beds.

Click here to read the summary report of the acquisition of the radiology unit (March 2018). 

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